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Interior Trends and Treatments for 2017 – Design Detox

Design Detox

The amount of décor and the hiding of the details of functional spaces trend toward minimalism, an overused yet appropriate term. Stylish stainless-steel appliances are on both power and sailboats, but today these galley tools are hidden by cabinetry and camouflaged with both soft and hard surfaces, so you can hardly tell where meals are prepared. (Service galleys on crewed yachts are an exception, but even they are sleeker than before.) Televisions disappear into furniture or behind artwork, and even switches, outlets and charging ports have been hidden inside or below some other feature. Décor has become spare but innovative. DiCondina makes note of a six-foot band of walnut she added to a ceiling to add contrast. A single silver tree sculpture was added to tie the two together for a simple, elegant effect.


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